Never lose your keys again with The Tile Tracker! #vzwbuzz

When I am in a rush to get out of the house, I inevitably can’t find one of two things - my keys or my phone. In a perfect world I’d leave them in a consistent place every day but I’m just not that organized. I’ve always wished there was some type of tracking device that I could use to keep up with these important items. Well, thanks for my relationship with Verizon, I was sent a Tile and it is basically a GPS for my keys and my phone! The tile is simple to use, I downloaded the app onto my phone and synched my phone with the Tile. Next I attached my Tile to my keys and I was all set up. Easy peasy!

Of course I had to try it out so I put my keys in my living room, opened the app on my phone and choose “find my Tile.” Immediately I heard music and followed it right to my keys. The app also uses a map to show you how close you are to your item if you are too far to hear it ring.  You might notice that I mentioned only having one Tile but guess what? I can also find my phone with it. If I have my keys in hand but am unable to locate my phone, I simply press the E twice on my Tile and my phone starts ringing. The best part? Even if I have my phone on silent, it will ring when I call for it!

Gone are my worries about trying to find my keys on hectic school mornings when I am rushing out the house to get my son to school. I am not fearful of losing my phone in the house because I know I can find it with my Tile. Tile can be used on any item you like - phone, car, tablet, computer or anything else that might get displaced. If your item is lost or stolen out of range, you can put an alert on the Tile app and if it comes in proximity to anyone using a Tile, a message is sent to the Cloud and you to tell you where your item is! I almost forgot to mention, you can sign into the Tile app from a friend or family member’s phone and locate your item too! You can also register your Tile with multiple members of your household to increase your ability to find things!

The Tile is available at the Verizon store, $69.99 for a pack of 4. I really love my Tile and think it makes a perfect Father’s Day gift. I know I am not the only person scrambling to find items that I misplace and the Tile makes finding things simple!

Disclosure: I am a Verizon lifestyle blogger, I am occasionally sent items to try and share my experiences. No other compensation is received and as usual, all opinions are my own.


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