Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD exclusive to Walmart #showusyourforce

Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD ($19.96)  was released today and in honor of the event, my son and I kicked off Spring Break with a viewing of the movie. I have to say that I’m going to be a little hard on myself about this one because when the movie was in theaters, I went to see it opening day. I assumed my son had seen it too (I have shared custody) and didn’t bother to ask him about it. When I told him that Walmart was going to send us Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he was ecstatic because he’d never seen the movie! Given my faux pas, we had to have a movie night party that was Star Wars themed. I took a trip to Walmart and we picked out a few things to make our evening fun!

We we sent the exclusive to Walmart DVD, Blue-Ray Disc with HD download, special packaging and Galactic Connexions Trading discs (only at Walmart). 

The cover art was perfect in my opinion, I loved that BB-8 was on it (my son recognized him immediately) and when you open it a larger scene is unveiled. I have to admit I played with opening and closing the cover several times because I like the velcro closure! 

Corny I know, but I’m so serious! I’m happy about the digital download being included because now when we fly (or even on a long car ride) my son will have a great movie to watch! My son loved the trading disc and looks forward to building a collection.

In keeping with the theme #showusyourforce we had to have the right attire, Star Wars themed of course! We found a BB-8 tee for my son and I went with the men’s Classic logo Star Wars tee(the logo is surrounded by stars)!  The tees were a great price at $7.97 and $7.50 respectively. I also found some fun Star Wars party masks ($2.25) with a variety of characters...we chose to be Storm Troopers. 

We also purchased a party favor cup and some paper plates

I guess we were overly excited because our snack of choice is always popcorn, so we didn’t really need the plates!

However, with all of this Star Wars: The Force Awakens love going around, my son has asked for this theme for his birthday next month! We are already ahead of the game with some of our party supplies. And of course, after watching the DVD, my son is absolutely in love with the movie! I think this was our best movie night ever, get your copy of the movie too and may the force be with you!!!


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