Star Wars The Force Awakens themed Easter Basket

Easter is such a fun time. My son and I love celebrating the resurrection of Jesus but we also get a kick out of the visit from the Easter Bunny. Easter morning is fun in these parts as my son goes on a hunt for eggs and I get to see the joy on his face when he finds them. One of my favorite things to do each year is design an Easter basket for him. I actually have never purchased a pre-made basket, I really enjoy personalizing the baskets for my son. As usual, I took a trip to Walmart to check out my options for the basket. They ask me to do this annually and I am thrilled of course.

The Easter section of the store was filled to the brim with tons of options for my basket. There were a myriad of sweet treats available - I particularly liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle egg that was filled with candy. This and many other options were available for only $1.00! 

Baskets started at $1.88 but this year I decided to forego purchasing a basket, I simply upcycled one from a prior year. I have so many baskets in my house, I saw no reason to spend my $10.00 budget on purchasing a new one. However, the options were numerous - wicker baskets, themed baskets with licensed characters like the Minions and even plushy baskets that had a baseball theme.

Speaking of plushies, my son loves them so an Easter bunny ($4.98) is the star of the basket this year. I was able to purchase purple “grass” to match my basket, for only $1.98.

And because I am going to buy eggs pre-filled with candy($5.48)  for our Easter egg hunt, I decided to only buy Tootsie Bunch Pops ($1.00) that he loves for the basket. 

This year I decided to go with the theme of Star Wars The Force Awakens and added special Hot Wheels based on the movie to the basket. I know he is going to be thrilled and I am likely to take a trip to add even more to his basket because he has been doing excellent in school and truly deserves it.

I am excited about Springtime, Easter and all the fun that comes with celebrating the holiday. I am sure my son is going to absolutely LOVE his basket!


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