Spring cleaning Under sink organizing hack!

Under sink organization made easy!! 

If 80 degres weather is any indication, Spring has sprung here in Atlanta! It actually seems more like summer, but quite frankly, I will take heat over cold any day! This time of year I try to do at least one thing related to Spring cleaning. I have some big jobs to conquer (well, really just my closet but it is big so it will need to broken down over several days) that are on the overwhelming side so to feel a sense of accomplishment, I decided to do a Spring hack that was inspired by Walmart and provided me with the funds needed to complete the project. I choose something simple but very much needed.

I don’t know about you, but with the exception of my son’s bathroom, the cabinets under my sinks are a big mess. I can’t find things when I am looking and because there is so much clutter, I often just give up! My master bath has two vanities, both brimming with products. I admit, I was unable to do that job because BRIMMING!!! But my kitchen sink was more manageable for me. I decided to do a little organizing under the kitchen sink and I discovered a ton of things I didn’t even realize I had!


To begin I emptied everything out. I threw out all of the products that were just about empty and the things that I simply don’t need anymore. During a trip to Walmart I purchased a Mainstays 5/8 inch tension rod($6.97) made by Mainstays from the bathroom section of the store. I installed the rod under the sink and proceed to hang all of my nozzle cleaners from the rod. I neatly organized the items that could not hang and within 30 minutes was done with some efficient, inexpensive home organization that I should have done long ago!

I am quite happy with the outcome and when I have the energy (read days to cull through stuff), I am going to do the same thing for my Master bathroom. Check out this video to show you just how simple this hack is to complete.


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