Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Hair products now at Walmart

I am a long time fan of Carol’s Daughter. I remember shopping in the first store when it opened in Brooklyn, New York many years ago. If you are not familiar with this brand, it is an African American hair and skin care line founded by Lisa Price in 1993. Carol’s Daughter has expanded over the years and now is available in Walmart. I am truly beside myself! I’ve loved this brand for such a long time and it is simply amazing that I can walk into Walmart and purchase it now. One of the things that is most appealing about the line is that it is natural - no parabans, artificial colors or sulfates.  I love it!

Walmart recently sent an array of products from Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line, products for dry, dull and brittle hair. I have locs but my hair has always been on the dry side so this line is perfect for me. I started by trying Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine leave-in conditioner($10.97). 

This product is light and I am comfortable giving my hair a few sprays on a daily basis. Upon first use, I was impressed by the scent. Black vanilla is both a sweet and musky smell, it actually delights my senses!

When it was time to wash my hair, I tried Carol’s Daughter Moisture & shine hydrating conditioner ($11.97). Because my hair is so dry, I like to co-wash my hair which means I don’t use shampoo, I simple utilize conditioner on my hair. I found this method worked extremely well with this product. My hair felt really good after it was washed. I followed up with the leave-in conditioner and was happy with the results.

I used the Moisture & shine hair smoothie($13.97) on the roots of my hair and I think that this is my favorite product in the entire line. It provides a great deal of moisturizing and conditioning and a little goes a very long way! If my hair was not loc’d I’d probably have to use more, but I found that simply dabbing my finger tips in the smoothie and running them through my hair was enough. The 8 oz jar is going to last me a very long time.

Finally, I tried the Edge control smoother ($7.97). Sometimes my edges need taming and I am always on the search for the best edge control. This particular product was my least favorite in the line, it did not provide the level of hold that my hair needs. It would work okay if I tied my hair up overnight and let it set but it isn’t strong enough for me to simply apply it right before I am about to leave my home. I’m sure it will work well on hair that is finer than mine and/or relaxed hair.

Overall I am extremely happy with Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line. I am over the moon ecstatic about being able to purchase these products at my local Walmart or online at If you are looking for products for dry, dull brittle hair, I think this one is a winner! Of course, you’ll have to try it for yourself because what works for one natural head doesn’t always work for another!


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