DIY Wall Art!

Spring is on the horizon! At least, that is what I chose to believe. With weather in the 70s this week, I think I am right. And as Spring is sprung, it is time for me to do a little bit of sprucing up around the house. On my agenda I have spring cleaning - tackling the jungle that is my closet - but before I get there, I wanted to do a home craft to add some decor to my room. With a few ideas in mind I headed to my local Walmart but quickly realized I had some lofty ideas that would take tools I don’t own (or want to buy) so I decided to do a simple wall art craft that taps into my artistic side!

My room is purple and yellow and I decided to add a little something to my walls. I’ve seen art that is fairly expensive that I don’t have money to invest in at the moment so using a little DIY I came up with a craft that is both easy and elegant - even your children can do it for their room. I started by purchasing a package of 4 6x6 white canvases ($6.97). Next I found a stensil set with multiple sentisils for $3.88. Finally, I purchased small bottles of acrylic paint in wisteria ($.87) and yellow ($.98).

I have paint brushes in my craft room so I was ready to go! First I painted the canvases with base colors - two in the purple and two yellow. I let that dry for about 30 minutes and during that time I picked the stencils I wanted to use. My choices were myriad but I went with floral designs. I used 2 different flowers and painted each in opposing colors on my canvas. I didn’t use tape but tape which is why I don’t have photos of my actual painting with the stencils but I found it fairly easy to simply hold the stencil with my hand.

I let the paint dry for another 30 minutes and with a fine brush corrected any bleeding that occurred when I painted over the stencils. I was not a stickler for perfection, I think having some minor imperfections in my art shows that although life is imperfect, it can still be beautiful! Overall I am extraordinarily happy with the results. Although I classify this as wall art, the canvases are currently decorating a shelf in my room and I like the way they look there. At a later date I may actually place them on my wall but I am not considering purchasing a bigger canvas and painting that for hanging because my creative juices are flowing. Here is a video so you can see them in real life.

This craft was not only easy but inexpensive to make, I spent less than $15.00! Beautiful artwork handcrafted by me at a fraction of the cost of something that I’d buy that was pre-made. Can’t beat it! Spring has sprung and although my closet is haunting me, I will likely do more art work to procrastinate on taming that beast!


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