Tips for cold and flu prevention this winter

My family and I are pretty healthy for most of the year, however when the winter rolls around, I inevitably will get a cold once or twice. My son somehow manages to keep colds away until the springtime but colds are an annual occurance for both of us. This time of year is also ripe for the flu and I am knocking on wood that it doesn’t hit my family. With cold and flu season here it is time to stock up on some essentials for prevention and Walmart is just the place for me to go.

For prevention, I know that Walmart has a flu vaccination available and since the CDC has noted that flu season will be spiking in February which is later than usual, there is still time to get vaccinated before it is too late. The vaccine is covered by most health insurance, so doing it while shopping is much more convenient than driving to a doctor for the shot. Fortunately for me, I haven’t had the flu in over a decade and quite frankly, I want to keep it that way!

For additional prevention of both the cold and flu, I stay stocked up with antibacterial hand sanitizer.  I carry it in the car, have some in the house and although I sent it to school with my son for his classroom at the beginning of the year, I also have mini bottles for my son attached to both his bookbag and lunch bag! Washing your hands is highly recommended to keep these nasty viruses away and we take that seriously around here. Especially since in a school environment colds can go around an entire class!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been ripping and running, traveling from Atlanta to San Francisco, Atlanta to New York, New York to DC and finally back to Atlanta. Usually I take Airborne to prevent colds when I am flying frequently but this time I forgot. All of this travel took a toll on me and I found myself with a scratchy throat, running nose and feeling run down while in New York. I could tell it was the beginning of a cold so I took action! I immediately started taking Emergen - C ($9.97) which is packed with essential nutrients, 1000 mg of vitamin C and zinc and magnesium. I took it twice a day with hot water and all of my symptoms were pretty much gone in 3 days. By the fourth day when the Blizzard of 2016 hit, I was ready for some fun in the snow! I keep the 30 pack box around year round, just in case!

If you want to take some preventative measures against colds and flu this season, be sure to stock up on the essentials. I’ve mentioned a few of my favorites, but remember that the Walmart pharmacist is available to provide you with personalized guidance as you make decisions about the best options for you and your family!


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