Start your morning with a Blueberry smoothie!

There is nothing I enjoy more than waking up and having a smoothie every morning for breakfast. The combinations of fruits and vegetables for use in smoothies are endless! When I was a daily smoothie drinker I happily tried new concoctions and was more than pleasantly surprised when a new one became my favorite. Since my smoothies were a meal replacement, I always ensured they were made with lots of protein so I would not feel hunger and want to eat more later in the morning. Of course, I always plan for a snack mid-morning but I just wanted to be sure my smoothies actually provided enough fuel for me and didn’t leave me feeling hungry an hour later.

Although I’ve gotten out of the habit, in 2016 I am bringing smoothies back! When I was asked to recreate a smoothie recipe from I was all in. What better to way to start the smoothie train than with a protein packed Blueberry Flax smoothie? All I could think of was YUM! My smoothie starts with a base of Silk Almond milk ($2.98), I really enjoy the taste and I am not a dairy drinker. Almond milk works really well in my smoothies. Next up, Great Value frozen blueberries($2.98). Blueberries are high in antioxidants and my favorite berry for drinks and yogurt. Speaking of yogurt, the recipe calls for full fat Greek yogurt but when I was looking at all of my options, there was no full fat Greek yogurt to be found.  If you don’t know, Greek yogurt is high in protein. Since I couldn’t find full fat, I decided to up the ante and use a protein packed blueberry Greek yogurt with a whopping 24 grams of protein ($1.58)!

The next ingredient is ground Flax seed($3.48). Flax seeds are also a great source of protein. The ground flax seeds are perfect for a smoothie because it is virtually undetectable. Finally, a handful of Marketside organic spinach is added to the mix. Spinach has about 1 gram of protein per cup uncooked. It is a nice addition to an already protein rich smoothie. I loved the taste of my Blueberry Flaxseed Smoothie and I am quite sure I can convince my son to drink it because it isn’t green (he is a little picky)!

Check out this recipe and more on Walmart’s smoothie recipe page!


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