New Year, New Activewear under $25.00!

The new year is underway and I KNOW there are numerous people out there who have resolved to get in shape and lose weight this year. I am not one for resolutions, however, I am recommitting myself to healthy living. Not only for myself but my entire family. Now, before you think I am going to have everyone outside doing calisthenics, I’ll cut you off and let you know that family exercise can be fun and not feel like work! My favorite form of family exercise is walking. My son and I take a walk around the community or on trails. This serves as both quality time and exercise and we both really enjoy it. Of course, when I am exercising, I have to look good and I know from experience that you do not have to pay big money for quality workout gear.

My favorite place to find high quality workout clothes at great prices is Walmart. For under $30 you can get an outfit that will take you around town and to your exercise of choice. Today I picked up some cute Avia Active performance legging ($15.87). I like the fun print and there is an inner pocket along the waistline that I can use to carry a key and my ID when I am out on the trail. Since it is winter, legging are great for keeping my entire legs warm, during the spring and summer months I switch over to capris.

I paired my leggings with a sky blue Danskin Now Performance Fashion v-neck tee ($5.96). I really like the versatility of this shirt. It is extremely comfortable and as the name suggests, fashionable too. I really like the shirring on the sides of the top and the gathering below the shoulders. This is a tee that can take you from a yoga class to the grocery store and beyond! I am quite pleased with my activewear purchases from Walmart and I am looking forward to wearing them while exercising with my family!


Mrs ABC said…
people really sleep on the importance of some quality underwear when working out! there's nothing worse then the distraction of adjusting panties while trying to look like you know what you're doing on the treadmill!

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