DIY Makeup Case

I love cosmetics. I am not really sure when it happened but I am officially a LOVER of makeup. As such, I have more than a little bit. I have lipstick and lipgloss in every bag I own and sometimes I totally forget about colors and feel like a kid in a candy store when I find an old (but new to me) one in one of my purses. I have all different types of mascara, eyeliner, get the idea. As much as I love makeup, I have no order and things are literally all over the place. This year I am trying to get my cluttered spaces in order and having my makeup stored properly will save both time and money (I’ll know what I have and don’t won’t purchase duplicates). When asked by Walmart to devise a storage solution, I knew that makeup organizing was the way to go.

I purchased an Options large utility box ($5.97) for my storage case. This particular box is made for storing craft products but it looked perfect to me for my makeup. I am not disillusioned, I know it will only hold a small fraction of my products. However, since I travel fairly extensively, it is perfect for my necessities and perfect for travel! To decorate my box, I decided to use Duck Tape and a painters marker. If you haven’t looked recently, Duck Tape has come a long way from simply being grey. I chose the prism color which is beautiful and catches the light so beautifully. I figure if this is all about beauty, I might as well have beautiful decorations too.

I lined the bottom of my case with the prism duck tape and am thrilled with the results. On the top of the box I used the white painters pen to personalize it with my name and of course hearts because...I love makeup! I cannot wait to fill my case and I know that it will be a staple for when I travel.


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