Holiday shopping for kids at Walmart

My son is a big fan of the DC Comic legend, Batman. When we entered Walmart the other day and I mentioned we’d be getting him some winter pajamas he was very excited. We arrived in the boys section of the store and he had numerous options to choose from! All of his favorites were available: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jurassic Park, the Minions, Skylanders, he literally was in Heaven. However he was immediately drawn to the Batman merchandise and despite being there ONLY for pajamas, he ended up with a shirt too! I actually have no problem indulging him, especially when we are shopping for things that he needs. I figure if he likes it, he will wear it and be happy! I want to bring him happiness so it is a win all the way around!

Batman was the clear winner on this trip and the flannel pjs were a no brainer. When I looked at them I looked beyond the licensed aspect (although for $11.97 I think this is a bargain) and really inspected the quality. The material was soft, warm and well made. Exactly what I am looking for during the cold winter months. I was immediately sold but after I placed the pajamas in my cart and thought I was headed to the grocery section, my son found nirvana...Batman t-shirts!

These licensed tees were anything but the norm! Oh no, not only was the Batman emblem present, front and center but this particular shirt has a cape. A cape! What child (and really what adult - or is that just me?) can resist a cape? My son was gaga over this shirt and as he gingerly placed it in the basket I let him know that I may or may not purchase it, depending on my budget in the store. But really, at $7.97 I knew I’d get him the shirt!

We walked around the store, he continued to remind me that he wanted the shirt but he also was very helpful as I shopped for groceries! He was (and actually always is) my little helper every step of the way and that shirt made it to the checkout even though it wasn’t something I originally was thinking of purchasing. But the joy that shirt and pajamas bring to my son is priceless so they were worth the less than $20.00 cost to bring a smile to my son’s face!

This holiday season is you are looking for licensed merchandise at a great price, I highly recommend Walmart. I am impressed with both the quality and selection, I’m sure you will be too! And my little Batman? He is happy as a flying bat!


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