Christmas Place setting for under $10!

This year I’m hosting Christmas dinner and of course I want the house to look really nice. In addition to the Christmas tree and lights, having a beautiful dinner table is important to me too! I have a nice centerpiece but I want each place setting to look great. However, I don’t have a huge budget for decorating and so I am always on the lookout for cost effective solutions. I took a trip to my local Walmart to see what I could scope out and found some very pretty pieces with extremely reasonable prices.

The entire ensemble is part of the Better Homes and Gardens line found exclusively at Walmart. I started with a gold charger plate to provide a burst of color and to veer away from commonly seen colors like red. The chargers are only $1.48 and immediately add a touch of class to my place setting.

I topped the charger with limited edition dinner and salad plates. The dinner plate ($4.47)  is a simple white with silver trim. Elegant simplicity. I love it. The salad plate is bursting with snowflakes ($3.42). 

Total cost for each setting = $9.37 For less than $10.00 a setting I can have a beautiful Christmas table. This Christmas is going to be exceptionally fun; gathering together as a family will be the highlight of the season! This year has been filled with lots of ups and downs but this is a wonderful way to end it. I’m excited and working on finalizing my menu.

Next on my to do list - wrap gifts, go food shopping and start cooking!


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