Tis The Season for Giving!

Ever since I was a small child I had the desire to do for others. Of course, when the holidays came around I looked forward to opening gifts on Christmas, however, I’ve always had a giving spirit and wanted to do for others. I am telling my age, but years ago you were able to open a “Christmas Club” account at the bank to specifically to save money for the holidays. As a child I’d take allowance money and deposit it on a weekly basis, by the time Christmas rolled around, I had my spending money to purchase gifts for my family. As an adult the spirit of giving is still alive and well. It is also something I want to instil in my family.

Every year around the holidays, my son and participate in Operation Shoe Box - where we put together a box full of toys, educational material and candy for a child in need in a developing country. I let my son choose gifts for a boy and we send it by dropping it at our church or another collection center. Although it is slightly challenging to give away toys he’d love to keep, my son knows that there are individuals who have greater needs than he does and he wants to help.

When we go to our local Walmart, there are also opportunities to give. For the holidays we can always find a Salvation Army ringer collecting money. My son will always ask me for some money so that he can donate to the less fortunate. It is funny because I didn’t encourage this behavior, one day we were entering Walmart and he just asked! I love knowing that my son is adopting the same giving spirit that I have.

Inside our Walmart we can also find the Salvation Army Fill The Truck collection box. Here you can drop off clothes and toys for children. As a blogger, I often receive toys for review and quite frankly, some of them just aren’t a fit for my blog so they are never used. These gifts are perfect for donation because they are brand new and I know a child(ren) will be so happy to receive these gifts. My son and I will be taking a trip to Walmart to give our annual donation.

This is the season for giving, I am so glad that my son and I are able to share this tradition on an annual basis.


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