Star Wars Battlefront #ShowUsYourForce #ad

My son and I had the wonderful opportunity to try out the new Star Wars Battlefront game ($59.88) for Playstation and the Xbox One before it was released today! My son had a wonderful time playing the game at the in-store event which was held at 3000 Walmart locations across the country. We spoke to one of the Walmart associates and he was a true gamer. He played the game and thought that the graphcis were the best he has ever seen. He predicted that this will be the game of the year and after watching my son play - I am no gamer, I tried to play for about two minutes and gave up - I too was impressed by the graphics and the game. 

My son played as Darth Vader and used his light saber to defeat enemies. He enjoyed exploring the area that he had access to - in the pre-release version we only had access to 16% of the game, which makes sense because now we have a lot of unknowns to look forward to! 

When you purchase Star Wars Battlefront for the Playstation 4, your game comes with an exclusive Galactic Connexions trading disc - the Storm Trooper, which is only available with the purchase of the game. The other collectable Galactic Connecxions trading discs are only available for purchase at Walmart.

Check out my video below to see the graphics of the Star Wars Battlefront in action! 

I am quite sure that this game is going to be a hit for gamers. The timing of the release is impeccable! It can be purchased now before the Thanksgiving holiday for hours of fun over vacation or it can be a gift for the upcoming holiday. The latest Star Wars film is coming next month and I am quite sure it will help Battlefront become one of the top games for this year. 

My son had fun playing the game but unfortunately, we do not own a Playstation 4 in our household. However, I am eyeing the limited edition PS4 Console with the Disney Infinity 3.0 Stars Wars Playstation bundle ($439). Perhaps he might find that under the Christmas tree this year! 


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