Peter Pan at the Center for Puppetry Arts

I absolutely LOVE the Center for Puppetry Arts. I have been taking my son to shows there since he was two and I have yet to see a show that I didn’t like.  This time we were provided with tickets to see Peter Pan and had a great time. As luck would have it, we went on a rainy day so a day at the theater was just what the doctor ordered to avoid staying in the house all day. As we approached the box office we were greeted by Pirates. So much fun! I’m not sure that they are present for every performance but they were great. We had the added bonus of sitting next to the pirates and my son had all sorts of questions to ask them.

The show was the story of Peter Pan which we are all familiar with, there were no extra surprises but it was nice to see it especially since a new film will be released shortly. We were able to enjoy the simply beauty of puppets prior to seeing a highly produced film. The set for Peter Pan was extra special. Black light was used and the entire background was black. The puppets reacted to the light and it appeared as if they were floating effortlessly across the stage.

After the show, the performers provided information about the puppets and the set and invited us to a puppet making workshop. This special touch is one of the most endearing things about seeing shows at The Center for Puppetry Arts, I enjoying learning about the production and my son loves making the puppets.

We made a crocodile that reacted to UV light. After we completed putting together the puppet and decorating, it was time for the puppet show. All of the lights went out and the crocodiles took center stage. My son had a ball and I have to say I was totally impressed by the creatures glowing in the dark. Fun was had by all!

Peter Pan is playing at The Center for Puppetry Arts until October 25th, you can purchase tickets here.  

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary tickets for Peter Pan. As usual all opinions are my own.


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