Halloween Haunted House DIY craft

It is the beginning of October but I am already planning for Halloween! My son and I both have our costumes (be sure to check out my DIY costume later this week) and I have started decorating. I just have so much fun dressing up with my son and making our home a fun place for him to enjoy during this spooky season. Before it is all over, I am sure that I’ll be taking a visit to a local haunted house and a zombie walk. So much fun - for adults only because the scares are real! Anyway, this year I have a very simple craft that you can make or can supervise as your kids pull out their creativity hats! A spooky house!

For this craft you will need (I purchased all my items at Walmart and some things I had in my craft room):

Unpainted wooden bird house ($4.97 at Walmart)
Black acrylic paint (.87 cents)
Stretchable spider web with spiders (.98 cents)
Black glitter


  1. Paint house black. Let dry for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Coat house with spray adhesive
  3. Sprinkle house with glitter and place googly eyes
  4. Let dry for 1 hour.
  5. Cover house with stretch spider web and spiders
  6. Display

This craft is perfect as an afterschool or weekend activity with your children. I used black paint but of course, you can have paint of any color that suits your fancy and provide various items for decorating the house. This weekend I will be supervising my son as he makes his own “haunted house.”

I am truly and officially in the Halloween spirit. Having a child really has brought the inner child  out in me - from dressing up to decorating the house, Halloween is big around here! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to share my Halloween costume with you. It is truly a DIY costume, including make-up, so be sure to look out for it before the week is over!


Tina Butler said…
That is really cute Renee. Great Job :)

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