Fairy Costume for Halloween {DIY}

Halloween! One of my favorite days because I get to play dress up with my son. He is always awed by my costumes every year and this year will be no exception. You would think I’d have an idea about what I wanted to be but last year I was Storm and had waited years before that costume came to fruition. My creative juices weren’t flowing this year so I looked to pinterest for inspiration. As a Walmart mom I was challenged to make a DIY costume and I debated about it for awhile and finally decided on being a fairy. This costume is the right mix of outfit and makeup, fun for me all the way around!

I started by making a skirt from tulle and gossamer, I DO NOT SEW so it was important for me to find a no sew solution. If you can make knots, you too can make a tulle skirt - for yourself for fashion or even for a child’s costume. I purchased a total of 10 yards of material - 8 (97 cents per yd) yards of pink tulle and 2 yards ($4.00 per yd) of white gossamer. I used ribbon that I had in my craft room as the base for my skirt. I simply wrapped the ribbon around my waist where I wanted the skirt to hit and made knots at each end, leaving a good amount of ribbon hanging to form a bow when I wear the skirt. I cut the material into approximately four inch strips - this was the most tedious part of making the skirt and I eyeballed it, having the strips perfectly measured wasn’t important.

Next starting at one knot, I folded the pink tulle in half, placed the loop over the ribbon and pulled the free ends through the loop to make the first column in the skirt. I repeated this process three more times and then did the same with one strip of the white gossamer. I followed this pattern of 4 pink,1 white until I reached the final knot and my skirt was completed. The next step was making my shirt.

I purchased a Faded Glory long sleeve crew tee from Walmart for $6.94. I sprayed it with Elmer’s Multipurpose Spray adhesive and then sprinkled it with silver glitter, I had both in my craft room but they are available at Walmart. I allowed the tee to dry overnight. The next day I added pink flowers to the shirt by using my glue gun. My craft room was again my source for the flowers. 

My fairy costume would not be complete without shoes, so I repurposed an old pair of black ballet flats from my closet. I painted the shoes with white acrylic paint, allowed them to dry overnight and then added two pink flowers using my glue gun the next day to complete the shoes.

For my floral headband, I purchased glittery pink elastic ($2.00) from Walmart and I simply measured it around my head tightly because of course elastic stretches leaving enough room for a knot. I once again glued pink flowers to the band using my glue gun and tied a knot at the end to complete it. Of course, no fairy costume would be complete without fairy wings and I wanted to make a big statement so I purchased large purple wings from a costume store. My outfit was complete and next up was my makeup.

I wanted to have an ethereal look so I stuck with my theme of pink and purple. After applying my regular foundation,  I applied Hard Candy eyeshadow primer from my smokey eye pallet to my lids. Next, I used my own highly pigmented pink shadow, I received it from a goodie bag earlier this year, and it is perfect for my costume. In the crease of my lids I used Black Radiance duel eye definer in eggplant/mauve($3.43) - and used mauve to achieve a subtle smokey eye. In the corners of my eyes I used Wet & Wild Fergie on Edge long wearing eyeliner pencil in China White ($2.69). I used the same two products for my brows - eggplant to fill and define them and China White to highlight my brow bone. To define my lower lashes, I lined them with purple from the Hard Candy Glitteratzi Call Me Sparkle glitter gel palette ($6.00). Next, I used a little of the white glitter from the palette to my lids. To add to the drama, I used a pair of peacock feather strip false lashes. These were a gift from two years ago but were perfect for my costume.

For glowing cheeks I used Hard Candy Cheeks and Balances Highlight and Contour Cheek duo in Sweet Cheeks ($6.00).  For my lips, I lined them with eggplant from my Black Radiance Dual Eye definer (as you can see, I use products for multipurposes on my face!). My lipstick choice is Black Radiance Lip Color in African Violet ($1.99).

The final touch for my face was applying purple pearls around my eyes. I purchased them in the craft jewelry section at Walmart for $3.00. I applied them by using my false eyelash adhesive. It was simple to do and added the final touch! And although it wasn't planned, my choice of purple hair is the perfect accent for my costume!

I am totally in love with my costume for this year. I am a fairy and can proudly say with the exception of the wings, I diy’d my entire look! My son saw my costume and was quite excited, I cannot wait for us to go trick or treating on Halloween!


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