Andretti's Indoor Karting Date Night and Family FUN!

If you are looking for great fun for the family or a date night, head to Andretti Indoor Karting and Games in Marietta! My son and I were invited to attend a media preview before the grand opening this weekend. WE HAD A BALL!!!!! So much fun in fact, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with the Karting. My son raced a few times on the junior track and really enjoyed it. 

The karts are different from other places I’ve been to because they are electric. No fumes and pretty quiet. I had to get in on the action too, so I geared up for the adult track and started flying around the track immediately. I was racing a guy and once he saw me pick up speed, he decided to put the pedal to the medal. These cars are really FAST! I didn’t know about drafting until I talked to my friend after my race, so I didn’t bother driving closely to my opponent. I am not sure how I would have done if there were more people, I think the speed scares me a bit with a crowded track but it certainly would have been fun.

We also tried out many of my son’s favorite arcade games, like Mario Kart and I played Plants vs. Zombies. After having our fill of video games, we took a 4D experience in XD Dark Ride. 

This simulator shooting game is filled with motion, sound effects and of course shooting at targets on the screen. Three different movies are shown - Banditos which is suitable for the kids, Zombies - for adults, I wouldn’t recommend it for young children, and Gigantor which I didn’t play but looked like a giant robot movie. So. Much. FUN!!!!!

We also played laser tag. It was my first time and I am not sure how many times I am going to say fun in this post, but it was FUN! It took a minute for me to understand my gun had to charge up after I shot a couple of times, but once I got the hang of it, I was on a roll. The playing area is multi-leveled and has numerous hiding places so I was getting shot and totally clueless about where the shots were coming from. But when I found out, you know I was ready to retaliate. I was playing with both kids and adults, but I had no mercy!

When you walk in the door there is a driving simulator for three people to race against each other. You have three large screens in front of you with the view of the track and you have a two minute practice run before the actual race. My son was just barely able to reach the pedals but he worked it out and ended up winning the race. We both were pretty terrible but that was part of the fun!

There is also a bowling alley that we didn’t get to. To be quite honest, I didn’t realize it was there until we were about to leave. Bowling is on the list for our next visit! For the adults there is a fully stocked bar and if you are hungry, there is a restaurant. The food was delicious!

I think I’ve covered everything, I just know that on my next date night, I want to return to Andretti’s Indoor Karting and Games, there is so much to do for hours and hours of fun!

Disclosure: We recieved entry to the facility and free access to the games and entertainment. As usual all opinions are my own. 


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