Walmart Shipping Pass #ad

I’ll tell you a little secret about me. And I’m probably in the minority here, especially among women but I HATE shopping. It is something I totally and completely loathe. Given a choice I’d rather give a pedicure to a man who works on his feet all day and has never had a pedicure in his life than go shopping! I don’t like shopping for food, clothes or basic every day mundane things. There.  I said it. I feel much better now. Shopping just isn’t enjoyable, if I absolutely must do it I like to be in and out. Grocery store, mall, department store wherever I go - in and out. I don’t want to cull through racks of clothing for the best deals, best looks, or anything. I’d rather do ANYTHING else. This is why online shopping is my very best friend. I love doing research so buying things online is right up my alley, I can search to my hearts desire, read reviews, learn about fit anything I need to know about what I want to buy is right at my fingertips. And a bonus? If shipping is free! Free shipping is like the heavens have rained down manna and I am getting my fill.

One of the places that I do a lot of shopping is Walmart (as a Walmart mom but also just as a shopper) and shopping there has just become more pleasurable. Have you heard about Shipping Pass? Shipping Pass is a pilot program with and for just $50.00 annually, you have free 3 day shipping on over 1 million products. And for those products that are not part of shipping pass, you receive free standard shipping! I love this. If you haven’t done so, please check out because there are a TON of things you can find there that are may not be available in store - from bedding to jewelery and clothing, I find the best things on without ever having to step foot in a store.

So, how does Shipping Pass work? First, get on the waiting list for Shipping Pass here. Once you have Shipping Pass, you simply search for the items you want to purchase and look for the shipping pass symbol. Make your purchase and in three days, it will be at your door! I tried it out and the process was simple. I signed up and started making purchases the same day. I placed my order over the weekend and it was a holiday so my things arrived on Thursday, but I am pretty certain if I placed my order during a regular business week, it would have arrived on time.

Walmart ShippingPass
•    Delivers 100% satisfaction. Not completely happy? We'll make it right.
•    Offers a reliable assortment of day-to-day essentials to help you avoid those late-night emergency runs to the store.
•    Brings you everyday sizes when you need them. No need for a storage locker, and no added fees.

I enjoyed my experience with ShippingPass and am looking forward to free expedited shipping over the next year!


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