The Pioneer Woman cookware available at Walmart #ad

I started this blog July 2008. My son was just over a year old and I was looking for a way to market my small business (diaper cakes) but blogging became so much more for me. I enjoyed writing so much that I wrote on a daily basis about my life and once weekly I’d highlight a new diaper cake. My blog quickly became much more than a marketing tool, it became a way of life. A way for me to share my thoughts with the world and connect to people that I otherwise would never have met in real life. Many of the people that I met blogging online that first year remain dear friends of mine to this day. As I explored the blogosphere, I became familiar with some brilliant writers, photographers, crafters, and soon developed favorites. One of my very favorites at the time was The Pioneer Woman and in August of ‘08 I wrote a post highlighting her blog and how much I admired her talents. I likened her to the Martha Stewart of the blogging world and clearly I wasn’t alone. Since she has a television show, numerous cookbooks and now a full line of products that are available at Walmart. I am so happy for Ree Drummond and once again want to highlight her on this blog.

She is known for her amazing recipes and photos and now you can have products inspired by her in your home. Her line ranges from cookware to dishes and of course cookbooks. I was sent a selection of her items and I am so impressed. As you know, I love to cook so of course having her cookbook the  Pioneer Woman Cooks Food from my frontier ($15.81) on my shelf brings me pure joy. The cookbook covers everything from breakfast to dinner and even canning recipes! I know canning isn’t my forte but if I ever become so inclined, I know where to go!

I like the little details on the products I received. I have samples from the Pioneer Woman Vintage Bloom 12 piece decorated set ($49.97) and Pioneer Woman Paige 12 piece crackle glaze set ($44.92). These dishes are handmade so they are each unique.

I also really like my Pioneer Woman Cowboy Rustic Spatula ($14.64 for set) because of the saying on the handle - Live, Laugh and Lick the Spoon! My kind of gal! 

The Pioneer Woman Vintage speckle skillet set ($29.72) has a porcelain enamel surface that I enjoying cooking on and the silicon handle is heavy (in a good way) and will prevent me from burning my hand when grabbing it while cooking.

I think my favorite piece is my Pioneer Woman Simple Homemade Goodness 16 ounce mason jar with lid and straw ($9.97 4 set). There is something so homey about drinking out of a mason jar and with this one I am doing with style. These are just a few of the many items in the Pioneer Woman cookware collection. You can find it now online at and in store next week. Congratulations Ree, you continue to inspire me!


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