Kids Craft - Using a chocolate pen to make candy!

I am always on the lookout for fun activities to do with my son. If he had it his way he’d totally overdose on video games but I’m not having it. Recently Walmart sent me a Chocolate Craft pen ($29.93) to try out and my son was very excited about using it. The Chocolate Pen can be used to actually write with chocolate, make molds and decorate cookies and/or cupcakes. The pen comes with 4 packets of chocolate in different colors providing you with options for layering in molds or other decorating. Before using the pen you have to melt the chocolate, this is easily done by placing the packets in hot water in a cup.

As we melted the chocolate, I assembled the pen. I had to add two AA batteries (be sure to pick them up because they are not included in the package) using a Phillips head screwdriver. Not difficult but I do miss the days when battery holders did not have screws! After the chocolate melted I placed the nozzle in the bag and clamped it. Placing the clamp was a little tricky but once I got it I inserted it into the pen, closed it and we were ready to go.

In the video below my son demonstrates using the Chocolate pen, he had a ball choosing which mold to use and placing the chocolate in the freezer for five minutes to mold. With the exception of melting and placing the chocolate in the pen, this is a craft that my son can handle all on his own.

There are a few points you should know about the Chocolate Pen:
  • each packet of chocolate is for one time use
  • the nozzles and clamps are for one time use
  • the chocolate is exceptionally tasty
  • gift bags are included in the package
  • this craft is loads of fun for kids of all ages!

You can find the chocolate pen at Walmart and this fall look for a special pink pen exclusive to Walmart as well as molds for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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