Fall Fashion and tips for finding clothes at Walmart

My look for the Fall is all about layers and denim, lots of denim! 
I know that Walmart is not the first place that comes to mind when people think of fashion. However, I have been pleasantly surprised on numerous occasions by fashion that Walmart carries. I believe that fashion is all about how you put things together, mixing and matching expensive timeless pieces with more reasonably (or bargain priced) items makes for many a great look in my opinion. I have a few suggestions about how to get the best out of shopping for clothing at Walmart and have a Fall look that is easily replicated with clothes primarily from Walmart.

In my shopping, I’ve found the best selection of clothing on Walmart.com but my favorite and most complimented piece I picked up in store. Now depending on your local Walmart, finding fashion that works for you may be hit or miss but I guarantee if you visit walmart.com you will find items that are great. And if you don’t like it? Well, you can always return it!

Another tip is to shop in the Junior’s department. I’ve found many on trend items there. I’m especially partial to shopping in Junior’s when I am buying pieces that are really trendy. Spending high prices on pieces that are not going to be relevant next season makes no sense to me so shopping at Walmart suits me just fine.

Graphic tees and athletic gear at the BOMB at Walmart. Trust me on this one. I am able to purchase multiple workout outfits for a fraction of the price of high end workout gear and the products are well made, durable and look great too!

As we move into fall I start to rely heavily on my jeans rotation. I like being able to dress my denim up and down and quite frankly, denim is comfortable to me. I admit that I do have a couple pair of high priced jeans however, I only wear them occasionally. For my every day looks, I am more than happy to wear jeans that don’t have a pricetag that exceed $100! Believe it or not, Walmart has an EXTENSIVE collection of jeans that are well made, fit great and are less than $30.00! As a matter of fact, my Signature by Levi Strauss Women's Curvy jeans were only $16.00. They fit me like a glove and look good too if I may say so myself. What I love about the jeans at Walmart is that they have sizes and styles available for all body types. If you are super skinny or plus sized or extra curvy like me, Walmart has something for you! For the Fall, I love to layer, if it gets too hot, I can simple remove something! I paired a light denim shirt from The Gap, with a favorite sleeveless tee (I can't remember where I found it) and a Faded Glory black cami ($2.97)from Walmart with my dark wash jeans. Perfect for the brisk Fall like days that end up pretty warm in the afternoon!

I chose a regular dark wash blue jean but I am in the market for a pair (or several) of black jeans for this upcoming season. I know my first stop is going to be Walmart. Try it out, I’m sure like me you are going to be pleasantly surprised!


Jackie said…
Cute outfit! I like the jeans (and the price) and will be checking Walmart in the near future to see if I can find a pair. Thanks for the review.

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