S'mores and summer fun in the backyard!

Summer time is fun time. Although my summer is quickly coming to an end (school starts next week), I have had a ball entertaining the kids, family and friends with activities both inside and outside of the home. My favorite thing to do is simply hanging out in the backyard enjoying the weather and catching up with friends and loved ones over food and drinks. I have used the grill this year more than I can ever remember and have become a true grill master! If you like grilling too, you can’t go wrong with the Weber Jumbo Joe charcoal grill ($68.00) available at Walmart.

For the kids, I’ve kept them busy with water balloon fights, water squirters and a sweet treat - s’mores. In the evening we spark the fire pit and illuminate the night with tiki lamps. After a long day we wind down in the backyard and I provide the kids (and adults) with all of the fixings to make s’mores. The firepit doesn’t always cooperate but we make do and enjoy the time together chatting and joking with each other.

I am a purist and for me, s’mores are the best when made with Hershey’s chocolate. You can keep all of the provisions for s’mores at the ready by purchasing them at Walmart and right now a Hershey’s 6 pack is only $3.34.  Of course you’ll also need some graham crackers and marshmallows too. An affordable dessert that the kids can enjoy by assembling themselves, basically a effortless dessert on my part that is sure to please each and every time!

Although I am saddened to see the summer go, there is still time left for me to entertain at my home and I plan to continue until the weather is so cold that it is no longer enjoyable. I have not so fond memories of the freezing winter so I am taking advantage of this warm weather while it lasts!


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