LeapFrog at Blogger Bash #bbnyc

My son is 8 years old and for the entirety of his life we have been a LeapFrog family. We started with a Leap Reader Jr, progressed to a Leap Reader and have just about every version of the Leap Pad and of course we watched many of the learning DVDs. I was thrilled to learn that LeapFrog was a sponsor of Blogger Bash 2015 and made sure to stop by their booth at the Sweet Suite. I am such a fan of their educational tools. The Leap Pad 3 has kept my son busy during our travels, he took his first solo trip this winter and it kept him entertained the entire time. This year a new version of the Leap Pad has been released and during Sweet Suite I learned all about the new Leap Pad Platinum.
The Leap Pad Platinum has a 7 inch screen and is wifi capable. It is safe, like the Leap Pad 3 I am able to access the internet to download games with my passcode and children are able to safely browse the web for kid friendly videos and more. I have no worries or concerns when my son uses his Leap Pad online. In addition, there are over 1000 games for the LeapPad, I’ve found the best array of games for my older son online. I am particularly fond of the math and science games, my son has probably learned more than I know about the human body from using the Leap Pad.

The newest innovation with the Leap Pad platinum are the LeapPad imagicards. By playing with these cards in tandem to the Leap Pad, a child can bring characters to life on the screen and interact with them!  The Leap Pad platinum has everything we loved about the Leap pad 3 and more, I am looking forward to getting one for my son for hours of educational play! The Leap Pad Platinum is available for $129.00 and is available in green and purple(my son’s favorite color!).

Disclosure: I am a Blogger Bash ambassador and was provided with compensation for this post. As usual, all opinions are my own.


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