Back to School Style!

It might be hard to believe for most people around the country but here in Atlanta, school will begin in less than 2 weeks! It is bittersweet for me, I have enjoyed spending time with my son and being the head counselor for camp mom. With just a few days to go I am getting in a few more fun activities and adventures, today was the Bronx Zoo, tomorrow we are headed to Times Square for The Ride and he will have one final week of Camp Grandma before we depart. Summer is fun time for us but we are counting down the days until school starts. This year is a bit different because my son has always attended private school so this will be the first time he is attending a public school and he will be wearing a uniform for the first time ever. He will be able to express his personal style fully on Friday’s but during the week he will look like the rest of his classmates.

However, I’ve found a way to let him show his personal style even in uniform. We are big fans of licensed merchandise and every year I purchase things from Walmart that he loves. This year I have to be a little more creative to abide the dress code but I’m making it work. I am accessorizing him to the hilt and also getting the best bang for my buck by purchasing uniforms from Walmart.

I stopped by my local Walmart and purchased a pair of khaki pants that are made for my son -slim with an adjustable waist for $9.97. His polo shirts with scotchguard are only $4.97 and that is in the Walmart store, I plan on ordering his entire uniform wardrobe online because I am able to get 4 shirts for a little over $17 and that is a week’s worth of clothing for him!

For his personal style, my son loves Mario so I purchased a Super Mario backpack for $9.98. And to add to his style, I also found a Star Wars themed pencil case. He is in love with this stuff and is able to express his personality even if he is wearing a uniform 4 out of 5 days a week. I am on the search for a licensed lunch box and I know I will find that on since I was unable to find one in my local store.

I think we are both excited about the new school year, my son will be making new friends and attending a magnet school that is focused on his love - technology. He gets it honest, my son has been my sidekick for my entire blogging career and I am looking forward to him really learning an important skill set with technology.

I am beyond happy that I am able to get all of the essentials that we need for the new school year at prices that are affordable. Less than two weeks and counting, this year has big things in store for us!


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