My favorite brain games for android #vzwbuzz

I admit it. I am a gamer at heart. I remember way back when I first started using facebook that I was less interested in keeping up with my friends by more interested in playing Mafia Wars and a game that involved zombies that I can’t remember the name of. I’d spend a lot of hours playing and realized it was important for me to dial it back because gaming is a time suck that can keep a person like me who is prone to procrastinating on the path of procrastination and game playing. Now when I play games I am much more savvy and aim to play games that not only will improve my mind but also don’t require me to build a team, finish the game or get to the “next level”. I will however play some games that my son enjoys, I was on the verge of becoming a great big Skylanders addict but quickly nipped it in the bud and pretty much leave the gameplay to him with the occasionally playing when he asks me to.

You may wonder what I have done to keep my game playing at bay, well, I have downloaded a few games on my phone that are brain games. They keep me thinking and I only play them when I have time to burn, like waiting online at the post office or for a Doctors appointment. I’ll share two of my favorite games with you that I am currently playing on my Galaxy s5 (no, I’m not one of the cool kids with a new s6 but I am perfectly happy!).

The first game I play is Lumosity, it is a free game....well, I play the free version and there is a premium version but because I forget to play daily I do not plan on spending the money for that! Lumosity is a brain game designed to help you improve your thinking by playing games that vary and focus on different things like attention, spatial recognition and memory. It is recommended that you play daily and it only takes a few minutes to play. Perfect for me but I often forget to play. However, I will say that I have continually improved my scores the more I play so it certainly works in my opinion.

Another favorite of mine is 1010! This is a puzzle game that is simple to learn but takes strategy to attain a high score. Basically you are given different formations of blocks and are to place them on a grid to form 10 diagonal or vertical. I have only achieved a high score of a little over 2000 so I still have work to do but it is challenging and fun.

So do tell, what games are you playing that tax your brain, are preferably free and available for android?


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