How to make vegetable pasta with the Veggetti Pro

I admit, I have tried just about every type of diet that is out there. Okay, not every type but certainly the Clean diet, paleo and gluten free.  I have experienced success with all of them and felt healthier. I can remember when I lived in South Africa and I went to a holistic doctor for a check-up. He found that I had high blood pressure and suggested a diet for my blood type- O. It actually was quite similar to the clean diet and removed wheat, gluten and many of my favs like shrimp from my diet. Although it was a sacrifice, I lost weight, lowered my blood pressure and felt better. I know that omitting many carbs from my diet (not all because we do need carbs) works well for me and when I was eating paleo, I missed pasta but used spaghetti squash as a substitute. For a long time I coveted a machine that would turn my zucchini into pasta but never invested in one. Now, courtesy of Walmart, I am the proud owner of a Veggetti Pro machine($24.88) which will turn my veggies into pasta, slaw and chips! Color me happy!

The Veggetti is great because it is easy to use and at a great price point just under $25.00. Out of the box it is ready to go. You simply have to remove the tape on the blade, insert a veggie and you are off to the races. It comes with three different blades, with storage space. You have the thin spiral blade that makes spaghetti sized veggie pasta, the thick spiral blade for things like slaw and the ribbon blade that you can use for making chips - sweet potato are a favorite!

With the exception of the base, you can put the parts of the Veggetti in your dishwasher, the base requires hand washing. If you have storage space you can store it fully assembled but if not, you can easily disassemble it. I think the Veggetti is perfect for picky eaters like my son. I would like for him to branch out with vegetables but he is pretty stuck on his mainstays. I believe if I get him to help me make veggie pasta, he will be more inclined to try it.

The veggetti is so easy to use, a child can do it (with supervision of course since there are blades involved) and it is fun! Check out how it works in my video below.

If you want to try veggie pasta, make easy chips or even slaw, I highly recommend the Veggetti!


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