Mother's Day gifts for the active mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I have some gift suggestions for the mom in your life who is interested in having or already has an active lifestyle. You see, I am not the typical mom, I think breakfast in bed is great but my son is too young to cook for me. So what is a mom to do? For as long as my son can remember, I have been an active mom. He does not remember the days when I weighed over 200 pounds and worked hard to get the pounds off. He was my biggest cheerleader but I started my journey to healthy living when he was just 2 years old so he knows me only as a fit and active mom.

However, the winter was not kind to me. Or perhaps I should say I was not kind to myself during the long cold winter and rather than keep up my healthy diet and exercising lifestyle, I indulged, indulged and indulged some more. This translates into about 15 extra pounds that I need to get off quick, fast and in a hurry since summer is quickly approaching. So when Walmart asked me to highlight gifts for Mother’s Day, my mind quickly turned to gifts that an active or want to be active mom would appreciate. With a budget of $40 I’ve found gifts that will help moms get fit and look good while doing it!

First up is the active wear. I am a true believer that no matter what size you are, you should look good while exercising! I know it helps me feel good about myself no matter what size I am when my clothes are cute! The Avia line at Walmart fits the bill for me. I chose a pink racer back top($6.00) with wicking action 

and a pink sports bra($12.46) to wear underneath my garment. 

Since I am a well endowed woman, this bra would not suffice for high impact activity but since I am slowly getting back to fitness, it works well for my favorite activity dancing (my prefered activity is zumba), yoga and walking for fitness.

I enjoy trying new activities and having fun so when I saw the Gold’s Gym weighted hula hoop ($19.00)I knew I had to have it! There are so many reasons this is a win. First, it can be disassembled so I can take it with me when I travel. It weighs 2.5 pounds so not only will I be able to work on my core but I can also use it to tone my arms. A DVD with suggested exercises is included in the package so I can get ideas for using my hula hoop aside from simply using it around my waist. I am thrilled about adding this to my exercise arsenal and since I have loved hula hooping since I was a child, this is a fun activity that will help me burn calories and tighten my core.

This Mother’s Day I am a happy camper. As a mom who enjoys fitness, I was able to find items that fit my budget at Walmart, that will help whip me into shape and look good while doing it!


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