Lavender Essential Oil at Walmart {video}

I suffer from insomnia. On any given night I will step up until at least 3 am or if I'm lucky enough to fall asleep prior to 11:00 pm, I usually wake up around 2 am and drift back to sleep between 5 and 5:30am. It is not a pretty existence -  but on the bright side, I am caught up on some interesting Netflix series. I am open to try anything to help my sleep deprived body get some rest, so when I learned that Walmart carries essential oils, I knew I wanted to try them out.

Lavender is my oil of choice. It is by NATURE'S bounty and available for $5.97. If you are familiar with essential oils oil, you know that this is a great price(it usually costs about double the Walmart price). Lavender is known for its soothing and calming properties. I use it on my bed linens before I go to sleep by taking one drop and placing it on my pillow.   I also smell it on my hands once I am in the bed.  The lavender does indeed have a calming effect on me and I’ve found that I'm able to go to sleep within 20 or 30 minutes after applying the lavender oil.

Lavender oil is versatile and can be used  in a number of different ways. Before going to bed I take a bath to relax and adding a few drops of lavender oil to my bath water provides aromatic vapors that help put me in a relaxed state. In addition to using the essential oil on its own I can also add it to Nature's Bounty sweet almond oil. It acts as a carrier for the essential oil. It has a neutral fragrance and I can add a few drops to the oil and place it all over my body either as a self massage or just as a way to provide moisture to my skin. When I go to bed not only do my linens smell of lavender but my body does as well.  This provides me with a capsule of calm and relaxing aromas.

Another way to use the almond oil is to place it in a diffuser once the essential oil has been added so that my entire room smells of lavender. I can say that utilizing lavender essential oil has certainly helped me to get my sleep at night and a little bit goes a very long way.

The next essential oil that I am going to try is lemongrass, I absolutely love the scent of lemongrass and I like to add it to shea butter and use it on my entire body to moisturize and smell good. I am currently waiting for my lemongrass essential oil order from and I've already purchased the shea butter from Walmart.  Thus far I am extraordinarily happy with both the essential oil and almond oil that I have from nature's bounty.  I am looking forward to trying the rest of the line and using it in things like my homemade deodorant and bath bombs. if you are like me and enjoy aromatherapy I highly recommend nature bounty all of the products are available at Walmart for $5.97 which is a great price. If you are interested in trying out the products I have listed below all of the line and you can find them on or in stores.

Check out my video below.


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