Allergies? Flonase works for me #wmtmoms #ad

It is officially Spring and the weather is beautiful but the allergens in the air are making it difficult for me to enjoy the great outdoors. For the last decade or so I have suffered from seasonal allergies and take an annual trip to the doctor for a prescription for Flonase. This is the only medication that I’ve used for these allergies and it works well for me. I am so happy that it is now available over the counter at prescription strength. Walmart sent me a sample to try and see for myself. I needed no convincing because I am already a user of Flonase. I can finally cut out the doctor visit and simply pick it up at Walmart in the 60 spray ($13.96) or 120 spray($22.96) bottle.

Despite having allergies, I do not know what specific allergen I am sensitive/allergic to. I’ve learned that unlike most over the counter allergy pills, Flonase blocks 6 allergens Histamine, Cytokines, Prostaglandins, Tryptases, Chemokines, and Leukotrienes that enter through our noses and trigger an allergic response from our immune systems. So basically, I’m covered! I can only speak from my own experience with allergies and I have been using Flonase for years, now that is available over the counter I am overjoyed!

You can probably see my joy in the video below:


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