Women Owned Businesses Supported by Walmart

March is Women’s History Month and I believe it is fitting to highlight the work that Walmart is doing to Empower women. Three years ago it launched the global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative which is aimed at improving the lives of women globally. Walmard has pledged to source $20 Billion in products from women owned businesses by 2016. That is amazing! Women owned businesses are companies that are at least 51% owned by women and run by a woman. Women are some powerful people!

Here are a few facts about women:

-Women-owned businesses contribute over $1.3 trillion dollars to the US economy
-Women are responsible for over 80 percent of the consumer decisions globally and
- The majority of Walmart’s 250 billion customers globally are women!

This month Walmart is highlighting 6 of these businesses in stores:

Milo’s Sweet Tea (Family business, all natural ingredients)
Budget Saver Popsicles
CLR Remover (chemicals safe for the environment)
Smart & Sexy Bra
Carter’s Infant Shoes
Hefty Trashcan

These are items that many of us use and I don’t know about you, but I had no idea that these businesses were owned by women. I am particularly drawn to the Smart & Sexy Bras by Ariela Balk. I love the idea of having a product that is specifically designed for women provided by a company that is owned and operated by a woman! And to top it off, Ariela Balk is the mother of 7 children! She is my shero!

In addition to the items highlighted in stores this month, you have to visit Walmart.com  to check out all of the products that are from women owned businesses. I see some purchases in my future, especially since it will support women who are entrepreneurs like myself!


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