Green slime recipe for St. Patrick's Day {Kids Craft}

Does anyone else feel like this year is speeding by? St. Patricks Day is right around the corner and I’m having a hard time understanding how almost 3.5 months have already passed this year. I have no other option but to roll with it and I decided to treat my son to a little fun and learning with a green St. Patricks Day theme. My son is homeschooled and I like to supplement his in class learning (it is co-op and thankfully I DON’T have to teach) at home with creative science activities.

This time I decided to treat him to some slimy fun with homemade slime that is green for St. Patrick’s Day. This is a very simple science experiment that only has 4 ingredients that you most likely have on hand at home. If not, a quick trip to Walmart and you will have this inexpensive items at your disposal to make slime too! We made slime using Borax ($3.45), Elmers School Glue (white, I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to use clear glue but it was out of stock at my local Walmart), green food coloring and water. In one container we mixed the glue, water and food coloring. In another we mixed water and Borax. We then combined the two, first mixing with a spoon and then by hand - fun times!

My son was able to make the slime with minimal supervision for me and as the slime began to form I explained to him that Borax mixed with water creates a polymer which binds all of the ingredients together and that polymers are molecules bound together. I kept it simple for his 7 year old mind but after seeing the slime form first hand, I think he understands. The slime initially was pretty sticky and wet but after he played with it for awhile it became harder and more malleable and he was quickly doing all sorts of things with it.

Although we colored ours green for St. Patrick’s Day, you can use any color you like and glitter/sparkles too to jazz up your slime. Enjoy your St. Patricks Day and enjoy some fun times with the kids too!

Green Slime

1/2 cup of Elmers white glue
1 tsp Borax
2 cups of water
Green food coloring

Mix 1 cup of water, glue and 5 or more drops of food coloring in one container
In another container mix 1 cup of water and 1 tsp of Borax.
Combine the two mixing until slime forms. There may be excess water but don’t worry about that, simply remove the slime to another container and continue to mix by hand.
Add more food coloring if desired.


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