Easy Easter Bunny Craft for kids

Easter is fast approaching and I really enjoy Easter crafts because I choose things that my son can do autonomously. Last year he and his cousin decorated Easter Eggs this year we made Easter bunny snacks using vanilla snack packs. This is such a fun and cute craft that takes just a few minutes to assemble. I highly suggest having all of the components ready to decorate. I placed all of the ingredients in separate containers so my son simply had to reach in and start decorating. Check out how easy Easter bunnies are to make as my son demonstrates in this video!

How to make Easter Bunny Pudding Cups

Vanilla Snack Pack pudding cups
Honey Maid Graham crackers
Pink Jellybeans cut in half
Peel and pull twizzlers
Candy googly eyes

Open snack pack pudding. Place graham crackers as ears, googly eyes, half a jellybean for the nose and use peeled apart twizzlers for the whiskers. Quick, easy and fun!

I purchased all of the ingredients at Walmart, you can find the ConAgra Snack Packs in the snack aisle. You can find more recipes for Snack Pack mixins here.


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