Annie movie night

My son and frequently have movie nights. I admit that sometimes when he picks out the movie it is one we’ve seen a dozen times and I end up doing more sleeping than sharing quality time. However, there are movies that are winners that both of us derive equal amounts of enjoyment from and this is when the magic happens. I was excited when Walmart sent me the newly released Annie blu-ray DVD combo pack which includes the Sandy the dog plush toy (available only at Walmart) I was quite sure we had a winner.

My son didn’t know anything about Annie before seeing the movie. I of course am familiar with the musical, it was the first musical I did in elementary school.  I was ecstatic about sharing the story of an orphan (in this adaptation a foster child) who inevitably is adopted by a rich man with my son.  The newest Annie is especially exciting because she is played by Quvenzhané Wallis and the Daddy Warbucks character, named Will Stacks is none other than Oscar award winner, Jamie Fox. I personally loved this movie, the singing and acting were fun and exceptional but most importantly, we were able to see people that looked like us on the big screen playing positive roles.

I think it is so important for my son to see these types of images in the media because so often people of color are not portrayed this way. My son is too young to really be influenced by the negative images but I know it is only a matter of time before he is inundated with them so I want to ensure that he has a positive foundation. I enjoyed the exploration of illiteracy and pointed out to my son how at the end of the movie Will Stacks and Annie were at the ribbon cutting for their literacy center. Not only was this a story of a young girl growing up in the foster system attaining wealth but more importantly education and a family.

My son and I made the most of our movie night by enjoying his favorites - popcorn and some pizza

We also made great use of the sing along printables for the movie that are available courtesy of Walmart. It was hilarious because this was the very first time my son saw a musical adapted into a movie. We’ve seen several live musicals, but a movie is another thing entirely. He couldn’t wrap his mind around why the adults were bursting into song at random moments during the movie! He said to me “Mommy, I understand why the kids are singing, but why the adults?” Too funny!

We really had a ball during movie night featuring Annie and I am looking forward to doing more interactive movies with him in the future. It will keep both of us smiling and me from falling asleep!

The Annie Blu- Ray DVD combo pack gift set  is available exclusively at Walmart  for $24.96 and you can get printables of coloring pages and most importantly (to me) lyrics to several key songs in the movie HERE!


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