Tax Time!

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It is that time of the year. Tax Time! I know that many people cannot wait for the new year because they are ready to receive their income tax refund and have big plans for the money. As an entrepreneur, I don’t disillusion myself into believing that I will receive a refund - unless by some strange miracle, I overpay my taxes one year...but that is highly unlikely! I personally seek assistance when filing my taxes and if you didn’t know, affordable income tax preparation is available at select Walmart stores nationwide. If you are an individual anticipating an income tax refund, the professionals from Jackson Hewitt and Liberty can help you maximize your refund.

In-store tax filing services include help with downloading and understanding your W-2 form, identifying applicable tax deductions, filing your tax return and much more. Whether you file online, schedule an appointment, walk in or simply drop off the documents to prepare your taxes, you can save time and money by using the services in your Walmart location.

Both of Jackson Hewitt and Liberty are offering incentives for you to file with them. Jackson Hewitt is offering a $50 Walmart giftcard to anyone who files their taxes with them,  through 3.31.15.  Liberty is offering $50 cash to anyone who files with them, and another $50 to refer a friend.

Perhaps you are a person who is confident preparing your own taxes. You should check out the selection of income tax preparation software available at Walmart starting at $14.97. Whatever route you take - having your taxes prepared by a professional or doing them yourself, Walmart has an affordable option available for you.


Wanda Hanson said…
I have come to love tax time because I find new places to travel each time I get my refund. I don't save the money or invest it, I figure I worked hard for it and I reward myself seeing all the amazing places this country has to offer. This year I plan on going to California and see as much of the beach as I can.

Wanda Hanson @ Tax-Tiger

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