Shrimp Recipe for the Big GAME!

The Big Game is right around the corner! It  will be played just a week from today and to say I am excited is an understatement. As far as being a fan of the game goes, I’ve vacillated. When I was in middle school I loved playing my handheld football game and was so disappointed when it was stolen from my locker. After that time, my interest in football began to wane and I didn’t even watch football again until I was a cheerleader in highschool. I was great on the sidelines cheering and keeping the crowd hyped even when our team was far behind. Which reminds me of my current love for Big Blue! My Giants. Disappointing this season but I support them nonetheless.

Although my hometown team was pitiful this season I am still looking forward to the Big Game  and rooting for the Seahawks to win! I know that like me, most people in the US will be glued to the screen to see how the game plays out and of course, this means parties will abound! If you are looking for good ideas for cooking a dish for a party this Sunday, Walmart and PepsiCo have you covered!  You can find a host of items at Walmart that will have you game day ready and you have to visit the website for delicious recipes featuring PepsiCo products.

I was asked to create one of the recipes and after reviewing the list I decided on Spicy shrimp fritters featuring Tostitos Tortilla Chips. The recipe was very easy to make and although I am not one to indulge in fried food often, Game Day is the perfect time to indulge...especially since I know that folks will want to drink beer as they watch the battle unfold! You can find this and many more at Walmart Game Time.

Looking for more delicious recipes for Game Time? {The BIG game happens February 1st!!} Check out these recipes from my fellow Walmart moms: Sierra Mist Pound Cake from Mommy’s KitchenWalking Tacos from Frugal Upstate Blackened Chicken Sliders from Growing up BlackxicanBuffalo Chicken Dip from Lille Punkin’ Pretzel S’mores from Presley’s Pantry Cheesy BBQ Scoops from Wholesome Mommy Spicy Feta Burger Dip from Modern Mami


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