Google Now makes life easier! #vzwbuzz

I have had my Verizon Galaxy s5 smartphone since September and I am extremely happy with this phone. I do admit however, that I am far from familiar with all that the phone has the ability to do. This is actually my first time using an android phone and although it is very intuitive, I know that I am only using a limited amount of its capabilities. Ever since I’ve had the phone I have received a message about activating the google home for my phone because it can be tailored for me. I ignored it until this month and simply used the usual suspects - email, instagram, facebook, texting and the occasional phone call. One day this month I decided to go ahead and set up my Google Now home page. I am so happy that I did!

My Google Now Home page provides me with information that is catered directly for me, pulling from all of the places on my phone. I receive reminders about events, birthdays, orders that I’ve made on and also information about my upcoming flights. It is amazing and really handy because the most important information I need is all in one place! I am especially impressed by the information about my flights because I travel pretty extensively and not only do I get flight details (one of my flights was cancelled and it provided alternative flight availability) but it also tells me the best time to leave my house by car to arrive at the airport on time!

If you haven’t set up Google Now on your phone, I say do so immediately! I’m sorry I waited to long to do so!

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Life Ambassador and occasionally recieve Verizon products and in return I discuss my experience with them. No other compensation is given and all opinions are my own.


The more you use Google Now the better it gets too - it learns about what you use and what you don't Very handy!

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