Cozy Winter Lounge wear

Winter is in full effect and I know it is a time when most of us just want to cuddle up in front of a fire, eating comfort food while enjoying the company of loved ones. And I also know that the comfort food, especially for me, can be a source of a few extra pounds. The cold is what brings on my desire to nosh, perhaps it is a primal desire to bulk up with extra fat layers to ward off the cold or maybe I’m just a greedy gut! In any event, I try not to let the cold push me to eat so staying warm and comfy is very high on my priority list. So when asked by Walmart to create a post related to winter, I consciously decided NOT to focus on food but to find comfort in other ways.

My idea? How to stay warm and snuggly while lounging around the house by identifying loungewear that is available at Walmart that is both fashionable and warm. When I visited my local Walmart I was not disappointed. I almost made a beeline for some great Superhero night wear but I couldn’t do it because although it was cute and fits right into my love of all things “super” boy shorts and a tank top won’t work for me lounging around the house on chilly winter days. But I will be adding some of the fashion I saw to my collection and saving it for warmer nights!

I started by selecting a pair of comfortable slippers. My entire body can generally stay warm but if my hands and feet get a chill, it takes a long time for them to warm up. That is why I always wear slippers when I am in the house. I found a pair of DearForm Knit sequined slippers that are uber comfy! I purchased them for $11.97 in store but you can find them online now for only $6.00!

Once my feet were taken care of I made my way over to the women’s pajama department. I found an array of things (but quite frankly a flannel housedress was not my personal cup of tea) and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the items from the Fruit of the Loom “A Fresh collection”  in the juniors department. I liked the soft tops with various sayings and fell in love with the super soft hoodie sleepwear top that says “Happy, Love, Dream.” This top was only $14.96 and it is perfect for cold winter days to slip over a tee or tank and lounge around the house.

I finished off my lounge wear with a pair of George leggings ($7.97) that are both comfortable and form flattering....just in case I have to make a quick run to the store. I usually don’t condone being in public in pajamas but this loungewear actually works! I feel ready for the cool winter days and nights and I look cute too!   


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