New Year's Eve Champagne Decoration

It is hard to believe how quickly this year has gone by! But I am happy to bring in a New Year with family and friends and have a simple craft that will bring a little bling to your bubbly.  I think this is an ingenious idea that I saw on Pinterest (of course) and especially love that you only need 3 things to make your sparkling wine/champagne bottle shine! I started with a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee which is a decent bottle of sparkling wine especially when you consider the price is $8.97 at Walmart. If you don’t know, Walmart has a great selection of wine and is actually you my go stop when I want a bottle. I have been a long time fan of Barefoot - don’t let the price point fool you, this company has won numerous awards for its wines based on value and taste.

Once you choose your bottle next you’ll need some spray adhesive, I used Elmer’s Craft Bond  that I purchased in store for $5.97.  Finally, you will need some glitter. The color choice is up to you, I liked gold but decided on silver to compliment the silver label on my bottle.  Next the decorating!

I placed a drop cloth down and sprayed the adhesive on a small section of the bottle and covered it in glitter. You want the glue to still be tacky by the time you get to it and it is pretty fast drying. I repeated the process until the entire bottle was covered.

I shook off the extra glitter and let it set for an hour. The entire process took about five minutes! This quick and easy bottle decorating will add pizzaz to your New Year’s Eve gathering big or small! I showed my bottle to a girlfriend and she plans to decorate the bottles at her wedding this way!

I’m looking forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve with my sparkly bubbly bottles!


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