Green Mountain Greek cream cheese a healthy alternative!

Greek yogurt is one of my favorite things to have for breakfast or a mid-day snack because I like the taste and it is full of protein. Because of my love of Greek yogurt, I am extremely excited that Green Green Mountain Farm’s has introduced the first Greek Cream Cheese. It was invented by Franklin Foods, and made in Casa Grande , Arizona and Enosburg Falls, Vermont with milk and cream sourced from local dairy Farmers. It’s patented with a blend of Greek yogurt and decadent cream cheese. It delivers 4X Protein, ½ Fat of Regular Cream Cheese plus Live and Active Cultures.

It’s available in convenient tubs for spreading, and 8oz. bar for cooking and baking. This Greek cream cheese is versatile enough to work into any meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s perfect for holiday entertaining and can replace traditional cream cheese recipes! Of course, I had to try it out for myself in one of my favorite holiday recipes, clam dip. I don’t know if clam dip is a Northern thing, but having it as an appetizer for holiday get togethers is a tradition in my family. I used an 8 oz bar of Green Mountain Cream cheese and left it out to reach room temperature for about 20 minutes. I found that it softened fairly quickly, in my opinion quicker than conventional cream cheese.

I added one can of minced clams, approximately 2 tablespoons of the clam juice, garlic powder and a little worcheshire sauce then mixed all of the ingredients.  The final test? The taste. I really like the flavor of Green Mountain Greek cream cheese. I find it is a little sweeter than regular cream cheese but that didn’t detract from the flavor of my dip. I am looking forward to trying it in some different holiday recipes and found several ideas on the Green Mountain website. The next recipe I am going to try is the Greek cream cheese black berry cheesecake. It is like a yogurt parfait and I am sure it will be delicious! Green Mountain Greek cream cheese is available at Walmart.


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