Febreze Unstopables

Do you know what I like? A pleasantly smelling room. I especially enjoy when a hotel has aromatic air wafting in the hallways. It just makes me want to stay and I suppose that is the point! Of course I’m home more than I am away and I desire a space that smells good too! I was happy to learn about the Febreze Unstoppables air fresheners. These air freshners use the same technology that is in the Downy Febreze Unstoppables fabric softener.

This is a brand new product that will be available at the beginning of the new year. I was sent a sample by Walmart to share my experience with you. I have a really big bedroom and in the past have found that I need at least two air fresheners to completely fill the room. With the Febreeze Unstopables oil and oil warmer, I no longer have this problem. I am totally pleased with it. My room is filled with a very light and airy fragrance that compliments my yellow and lavender room.  I find that it isn’t overpowering and if I ever want to adjust it I can turn it to low instead of the high setting.

If you want to try Frebreze Unstopables, look for them at Walmart in January 2015.  Be on the lookout for the following products: 

Unstopables Air Fresheners ($4.94)
Unstopables Fabric Refreshers ($6.94)
Unstopables Scented oil starter kits ($6.94)
Learn more about Febreze Unstoppables here.


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