Aerogarden indoor vegetable garden

I love fresh herbs and vegetables and I think that the best ones are fresh from the garden. I personally don’t have a green thumb so I’ve had limited success with gardening. My first attempt went very well and my son I enjoyed fresh tomatoes and collard greens. The following year I tried and it was a disaster. What I need is a simple way to garden that is pretty much fail proof.  Enter Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 3 SL, this is a soil free indoor garden that can fit on your kitchen counter, a windowsill and even in an office!

The AeroGarden is 100% guaranteed to work and plants can grow up to 16 inches. It grows herbs, flowers, lettuce, peppers, veggies and more. It is and 5 inches in diameter and 16.5 inches at max height. Perfect for small spaces. With my AeroGarden I received a herb seed pod kit and I promptly set things up. It was really simple, I was able to do it in about five minutes. I simply had to place the bulb in the hood lamp, extend the lamp and then I filled the container with warm water. Next I added the nutrients according to the directions. Finally, I added the seed pods and covers. I plugged it in and now my plants are ready to grow!

I don’t have to worry about the proper amount of light, the attached lamp provides the light needed and is automatic. You also have the option to have the lamp come on at a time you determine. I can’t wait to see how my plants have fared since I’ve been away for the holidays. I think the AeroGarden is a great Christmas gift for people like me who don’t have a green thumb but want fresh hebs and vegetables that are homegrown!

The AeroGarden is available “only at Walmart” during the holiday season and on for $49.97. Be on the lookout for my post in f a few weeks showing the bounty from my garden!


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