Aerogarden 3L Review

On Tuesday my Aerogarden 3SL has been growing my herbs. As I mentioned in my original post, I was very excited to see how well my garden would do given that I really do not have a green thumb. I am happy to report that my garden is growing extraordinarily well and it has been so simple to use. After originally placing my herb pods in the Aerogarden 3SL, I didn’t have to do anything except add nutrients after two weeks. The light comes on automatically and if the water decreases I just have to add more water. With each herb a range of days for sprouting is listed, my first herb to sprout was dill. The other herbs had a similar sprouting time but I didn’t see much so I re-read the directions and realized I needed to move the light to the lowest setting so my baby plants would get the light that they needed.

After moving the light, it seemed like the dill started growing very quickly and soon the other herbs sprouted too. My son had a great time watching as the plants began to grow and was excited the more they grew. We are really enjoying the Aerogarden 3L and I am looking forward to growing lettuce for salads with the additional growing kit that came with it. 

The Aerogarden 3L is a gift that people who want to grow a small garden year round, or like me loves fresh herbs. It is available exclusively at Walmart for $49.97.

I cannot wait to add my fresh dill to some salmon in the very near future. I love the combination of dill and salmon and look forward to enjoying baked salmon and salmon salad made using the dill that I’ve grown in the Aerogarden 3L.


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