UE Boom 360 wireless speaker

“Music in my life makes me happy, music and I are never apart”

You might find this hard to believe and I’m almost ashamed to admit it…..but I am guilty of playing my music so loudly in my car that you can hear me coming before you see me. Now, before you get judgy on me, know that I don’t have any booming bass or souped up sound system in my car, I just enjoy music.  Loudly.

When I am at home it makes no difference, I can play my music as loudly as I’d like without disturbing anyone. You are probably thinking that given my love of music I must have an awesome sound system at home. And, you’d be wrong. I listen to music on my laptop when I am home or on tv with one of the music channels. This is one of the reasons why when I’m in my car I like my music LOUD!

Recently Verizon sent me a UE Boom 360 degree wirelessspeaker.  This tiny device does pack a boom! I am so happy about it because not only is it functional but it is beautiful. I received a purple one and a portion of sales from this color go to Verizon’sHopeline.  And the sound? It is loudly amazing.  In addition to the sound, I love the portability of the UE Boom. It has a little carrying pin that I can use to clip onto a backpack or bag. And it is really easy to move from room to room and I have tunes when I travel! It is so small and compact, when I added it to my carryon bag I didn’t even feel the extra weight! I also love the rechargeable battery. Now I don’t have to place my speaker only where there is an electrical outlet!

Another feature that I really like is having the ability to set alarms, answer my phone and playing favorite playlists – all by downloading the app and synching it with my phone.  The UE Boom is a welcome addition to my family. Music is now a big aspect of my home. 

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Life Ambassador and am occasionally given products by Verizon to use and share my experience. No other compensation is received. And as usual, all opinions are my own. 


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