How not to gain weight during the holidays!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and more likely than not you are still enjoying some food from your holiday meal. And if your home is anything like mine, you will be sampling at least one if not all of the desserts that were prepared! I know that time and time again people lament the holidays because they are convinced that with all the good food and indulgence they are going to gain a few extra holiday pounds.

This does NOT have to be the case. As a matter of fact, when I started my journey to healthy living 5 years ago, I began my diet the week of Thanksgiving. I enjoyed that meal, had sushi and still lost 8 pounds my first week. You don’t have to wait until the New Year to focus on your health and enjoy good food. I personally believe in everything in moderation so I enjoy foods I occasionally indulge in fully!

I have found what I think is a perfect way to incorporate exercise and have fun AND most importantly keep the calorie count down – jump rope! This exercise is highly effective. You can burn 200 calories a day by jumping rope for 10 minutes, twice a day. I especially like a jump rope because it is compact and you can take it with you. This is important for me because I find myself traveling frequently and sometimes become board with a treadmill at a hotel gym.

The jump rope that I recommend is this Gold’s Gym 3 in 1jump rope available at Walmart. This is an adjustable jump rope that you can adjust for height. Additionally, you can add weights to the handles. I like having a heavier jump rope so placing the weights in makes sense to me. And of course, I always have the option of removing the weights if I need to.

I really enjoying jumping rope and you can even have your kids join in on the fun so it can be a family activity!  I am looking forward to all of the delectable creations I get to eat this season but I am also remembering to balance those calories with exercise and good food choices! If you are looking for a gift for yourself or someone else this holiday season, give the gift of health with a jump rope! 


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