Hot Jewels Temporary Body Tattoos

Hot Jewels are metallic temporary tattoos that look like jewelry. I think they are absolutely beautiful and was happy to be gifted with some on my recent trip to Turks & Caicos. This was the perfect opportunity for me to adorn myself with Hot Jewels tattoos, I think they look especially good on dark skin and with my tan, they were shining! I am partial to the gold hot jewels, although they are pretty in silver too. They are extremely versatile, to date I’ve worn hot jewels as a cuff on my wrist, a necklace, a tattoo on my upper arm and down my ribs. When I wear hot jewels I receive numerous compliments and people who are not familiar with them ask how I achieved the effect.

They are so easy to use, that they will make a perfect gift for your daughters or friends this holiday season. Hot jewels are applied the same way temporary tattoos that children wear are applied. First, decide on the design and where you want to place them. This is probably the most tricky part because hot jewels come in four different varieties: Classic, Tribal, Feathers and Love. Once you chose the design, cut it to fit the area of your body you want to place it. Remove the plastic coating, press to your skin and place a wet washcloth or sponge on it, ensuring you wet it completely. Hold for about 30 seconds and your hot jewels should be in place! Check out my video to see how I did it.

I’ve found that if I misalign a necklace, before it is fully set I can move the design a little to make it connect. Alternatively, if you have assistance in placement on a difficult to reach area that will work well! I have fun wearing hot jewels and I bet you will too.



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