#GirlsCan Women Empowement with Covergirl and Walmart

I am one of those people who refuses to take no for an answer. Even if I don’t end up getting my way, once a person says no to me I feel compelled to ask again or simply try again until I accomplish my goals. There have been so many times when I’ve been told that I “can’t” do something and proven my naysayers wrong. I credit my mother with providing a strong foundation for me. I still live by the motto she instilled in me at an early age “nothing beats a failure but a try” and I was encouraged to always try new things never letting the idea that being a woman or a person of color hold me back from my accomplishments.

When I ran for Student Government President of my high school, I was totally unaware that there had never in the 23 year history of the school been a female president. When I ran I was up against a fair haired golden boy athlete who I think thought had a win in the bag. It was my ability to relate to all members of the student body - athletes, musicians, nerds, foreign students, everyone that enabled me with by 80 percent of the vote. After my win, my teachers looked into the history of presidents thinking I was the first Black president, when in fact, I was the first female. I have NEVER let my gender keep me from reaching for the stars even when it seems that the decks is stacked against me!

I know that I have been blessed and some girls and women are bombarded by messages and images that don’t empower them. That is why I am so in love with the CoverGirl #GirlsCan campaign that empowers women and encourages women and girls to turn “can’t” into CAN! You can find limited edition specially marked packages of #GirlsCan CoverGirl mascara on towers on Walmart to support this effort. Walmart and Covergirl are both donating  $50,000 to the non-profit organization Dress For Success.

Dress for Success is an international not-for profit organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Since starting operations in 1997, Dress for Success® has expanded to more than 135 cities in 17 countries. To date, Dress for Success has helped more than 775,000 women work towards self-sufficiency.

During your next shopping trip be sure to look for the specially marked CoverGirl mascara to support the effort to empower women!



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