Walmart Innovations

While visiting Walmart Headquarters with the Walmart Moms program I had the opportunity to learn about a few new innovations from Walmart - Walmart Pick Up and Walmart to go. They are both in beta testing in certain markets but I cannot wait for them to come to my area. Walmart Pick-Up will help make life easier, especially for busy moms. With Walmart Pick Up you place an order for grocery items online and your order will be ready the same day at a Walmart Pick Up center. Once you arrive at the center you enter your order number and pull into a parking space identified for you. A Walmart associate delivers groceries directly to your car. You have the option to look over the order or simple pull away. Genius! This saves time for moms, no more having to leave the car for grocery shopping! Both you and your children can stay in the car, no more juggling children or saying no because they are asking for items not on your list!

The next innovation is Walmart to Go. These are gas stations combined with convenience stores. Purchasing gasoline is not an option at any of the Walmarts in my area, so this would be a great addition! In the convenience store grocery items are available and there was even a counter where you could order breakfast sandwiches! In the refrigerated section there were pre-made sandwiches available. And my favorite (and an indulgence) is the F’real ice cream shake blending bar. There are a variety of flavors available. You choose your flavor and the machine blends a tasty shake for you. I tried the frozen cappuccino and it was divine. I admit I didn’t eat the entire thing because it was a bit too decadent for me (I’m lactose intolerant) but it was delicious! Be on the lookout for these Walmart innovations coming your way in the near future!


The convienience of not having to get out of the car is classic. But now that my kids are grown I love going inside of the stores. Now the Walmart to go I have seen down south. It's like a mini mart called Walmart Express with a gas station. I wondered what was inside of them and now you've told me. Both sound convenient

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