My entire family is lactose intolerant. This means that if we eat or drink dairy products we will certainly have some adverse effects. I’ll leave the details to your imagination but let’s just say it is probably best that after eating a plate of mac and cheese we should each find a room for some alone time! I think the last time I had a glass of milk I was 18 and my son has never had one. It became very clear when I was nursing and indulged in my favorite treat, ice cream, that it caused my son to have extreme discomfort and gas. This however doesn’t mean that we don’t drink any types of milk (and occasionally a bit of ice cream!).

Almond milk is a staple in my home and I use it in my smoothies but quite frankly, I will not drink it by itself. I just don’t like the taste. However, I’ve been introduced to a MilkSplash ($3.48) and I can add a little flavor to the almond milk when I want something besides a smoothie or want to encourage my son to drink some almond milk. To use it, I add a splash to a glass of milk. Each bottle of MIlk Splash is 24 servings.

MilkSplash is available in a variety of flavors and are available at Walmart:  Cookies N’ Cream, Sir Strawberry Swirl, Jammin’ Banana, Orange Cream Dream, and Cocoa Loco.  I like chocolate so Cocoa Loco is my favorite flavor. If you or your kids are looking to spice up milk, Milk Splash is an option.

I consider Milk Splash a special treat, we won’t use it daily but on occasion it can add some fun flavor to our milk.


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