Marketside Organic Produce

One of the major complaints that I’ve heard regarding eating organic foods is that the prices are high and eating organic is simply too expensive. The work around for many people, including myself is to choose the products that are on the Dirty Dozen when making purchasing decisions because for me going totally organic is simply cost prohibitive. When I am food shopping my first stop is produce. I make smoothies almost daily and need an ample supply of fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator. The other day to my delight I was pleasantly surprised when I ventured into Walmart and found a very good selection of organic vegetables. My Walmart has always carried organic but this time, their brand Marketside Organic was showcased. As in, there is a large selection!

Not only did I find a number of vegetables, I also saw organic juices! On that particular morning I did not make a smoothie before taking my son to school so I was hungry. The juice was perfect for my morning meal! The best part about the organic produce that I saw was the pricing. All of it was priced lower not only than other organics but regular produce! I have never seen that anywhere before. This gives me hope that people who otherwise would look past organic produce will actually buy it because the price is right!

I purchased organic baby spinach for $2.98, hearts of celery for $2.68  and baby carrots for $1.07. To say I was pleased is an understatement. I have staples for my son’s lunch - carrots and celery and the spinach for my smoothie at prices that just can be beat. I also bought Daily greens juice (which was delicious) for $1.94.

Although I saw lots of veggies, I did not see any organic Marketside fruit. I am waiting for the day when it becomes available and it should be soon. This change was mentioned when I visited Walmart headquarters a few weeks ago and I can’t wait! Organic fruits and vegetables available at Walmart affordably priced!


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